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Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents

This specialized online program will focus on assisting adolescents who struggle with substance use in their recovery process.   The use of mindfulness based substance abuse treatment will allow the adolescent to manage their addiction by being responsive instead of reactive to their triggers, urges and cravings.

Mindfulness based interventions have been studied and proven effective as a treatment for an array of addictive behaviors including alcohol, smoking, opioid misuse and the use of illicit substances like cocaine and heroin.  Research indicates that Mindfulness based interventions  reduce substance use, misuse and cravings by moderating cognitive processes as an integral part of self-regulation and managing emotions.

  • Six week ongoing closed group (click here for dates)

  • Cost $3500.00 per session except for individual sessions

  • Online payment 

  • Total of 15 sessions-(12 Group sessions & **3 Individual sessions )

  • Workbook included, journal and mindfulness cards

  • Bi-Weekly sessions (Wednesday and Friday) except for individual sessions

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